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Twitter Japan株式会社より、Twitter広告の取り扱いに関する「特別賞」を受賞しました


gaaboo ホームページをリニューアルしました


スマートフォン向けアプリ「ポンタの目覚まし」「ポンタの占い」 2本同時リリースのお知らせ

Ponta Alarm and Ponta Fortune-Telling smartphone apps announced for simultaneous release

What's gaaboo?

Your happiness is our business.

gaabooという社名は「Go Above And Beyond」(期待以上の成果でお返しする)という英語の慣用句の頭文字に「∞」(無限に続く)という記号を付したのが由来です。


辻 正隆

Our company name, gaaboo, was derived by creating an acronym from “Go Above And Beyond” (gaab) and adding “∞” (oo) to the end to express infinity.

We believe in the value created by building relationships with new friends and clients. We hope to continue to grow by helping others prosper and find happiness.

gaaboo provides four main types of services.



Social Media Market Support

We have the No.1 Twitter advertisement team in Japan (by month) capable of planning and operations. By implementing various types of social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and LINE, we are able to design tailored approaches to advertising using the strengths of each platform, in turn, fully supporting advertising goals.



Content Marketing

We will support all of your needs by using media creation CMS Clipkit, which has been implemented in over 120 media services worldwide. From start-up to operational structure management and media creation, we will support you every step of the way to help you grow your media. Our team is experienced in starting up major online companies and cross-media franchises in Japan, giving us the know-how needed to support the success of your new media start-up.



Digital Media Solutions

Using our knowledge, successes, and years of experience with digital media, we can provide state-of-the-art solutions to meet the needs of our partners. In addition to providing support for website design, application development, and system building, we can also assist with data utilization, CRM tools, and off-line events. Our specialized team members can provide the support needed to deal with any issues our partners may face in the field.


新規事業の立ち上げやデジタルマーケティングの強化、内製化に向けた各種ご支援が可能です。戦略やKPI策定からプロジェクトの実行まで、外部の委託者ではなくチームの一員として、パートナー様の事業拡大に対して同じベクトルをもって対応いたします。事業の立ち上げやマーケティング戦略設計からご支援させていただ くため、実際のマーケティング活動の実行フェーズにおいては、スピーディかつ安価に進めることが可能となり、事業の成功確度を向上させることが可能です。

Consultation and Support for Creating New Businesses

We provide a wide variety of services to strengthen start-up and digital marketing as well as support in-house creation. From strategy-building and KPI development to project execution, our team will work as a part of your team to help you move in the right direction for business expansion. Because we will be there supporting you during start-up and marketing strategy development, we will be able to help you execute marketing quickly and at a low-cost, increasing your chances for success.

At gaaboo, we are looking for
new team members in a variety of areas.


We are always looking for team members open to a variety of challenges. At this time, we are urgently recruiting for the positions listed below.

エンジニア マーケティングプロデューサー メディアプランナー マーケティングプランナー 広告トレーダー(運用)
Engineer Marketing Producer Media Planner Marketing Planner Ad Trader (Operations)
応相談 ※現給を考慮の上決定します
Application Requirements
Applicant must be highly-motivated and capable of building the gaaboo brand name.
Employment Types :
Full-Time (Permanent) / Part-Time / Contract / Intern
Negotiable (Based on current salary)
Job Benefits
・Permanent Staff :
Paid transportation, mid-year bonus, year-end bonus, wage increases, health insurance, employment insurance, annual health checkups, reimbursement for books and seminars, new movie events (free), partial coverage of costs for Starbucks beverages and sweets, company parties (free).
・Part-Time/Seasonal Staff:
Paid transportation, wage increases, health insurance, employment insurance, reimbursement for books and seminars, new movie events (free), partial coverage of costs for Starbucks beverages and sweets, company parties (free).

The gaaboo office is constantly evolving.


At gaaboo, our office is always changing. How boring would it be if things were always the same? Our employees redesign our office every week, transforming it to overflow with personality. Together, we can decide how we want gaaboo to be!

  • 差し替え予定
  • 差し替え予定
  • 差し替え予定
  • 差し替え予定

gaaboo features four great strengths.



Social Media Know-How

Utilizing our experience gained from working at Japan's largest social networking service, our team is capable of managing SNS accounts and running social media ad operations that make use of the strengths of various types of social media. We place great importance on the views of younger audiences, often called the "Social Native Generation", and can provide planning and more to help complete goals and reach targets.



Excellent Track Record for Media Creation and Support

With our vast experience running major Japanese media companies and starting up numerous others, we know how to plan, build, and operate owned media to effectively support business expansion.



Ad Operations and Flexible Support

We have managed social media advertising for a variety of organizations, from leading online fashion companies, distributors, retailers, magazine companies, and manufacturers, to emerging game app companies and web services. Throughout our work, we have proven ourselves to be knowledgeable, timely, and flexible.



Total Solution Capabilities

Our expert team members can support you through all of the steps necessary for business expansion, from business start-up and growth to marketing and beyond. With capabilities proven through experience, we will commit ourselves to our partner’s business expansion.

役員紹介 - Board Members -

辻 正隆

1999年 ITメディア、コミュニティ会社役員
2001年 マイクロソフト(株)入社
2008年 (株)ミクシィ入社。メディアビジネス責任者を経て執行役員パートナービジネス本部長就任
2011年 (株)バスキュール号取締役就任
2013年 (株)ミクシィマーケティング代表取締役社長就任

Masataka TSUJI
1999 - Community Company Executive, IT Media
2001 – Started work at Microsoft
2008 – Started work at mixi; Promoted from Media Business Manager to Executive Director of Executive Business Partner Division
2011 - Started work at Bascule; Appointed as member of the board
2013 - Appointed as President and CEO of mixi marketing

古屋 龍生

2010年 (株)ミクシィ入社後、数々の新規事業やグループ会社の立ち上げを経験
2013年 (株)ミクシィマーケティングの設立に伴い、ソーシャルメディアビジネス開発部部長に就任
2014年 中央大学専門職大学院経営戦略科(MBA)修了

2010 – Started work at mixi; Experienced start-ups of multiple businesses and associated companies
2013 – Appointed as head of social media business development upon start-up of mixi marketing
2014 – Completed MBA at Business Strategy Department of Chuo University Professional Graduate School

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